101 Female Dachshund Names + Meanings

Selecting the perfect name for your Dachshund can be an exhilarating yet challenging task. These affectionate and lively little dogs have big personalities packed into small bodies, deserving of a name that reflects their unique characteristics. Whether you’re seeking a classic German name as a nod to the breed’s origins or a popular moniker inspired by their distinctive appearance, we have compiled a list of 101 female dog names for Dachshunds. Each name is coupled with a brief explanation, giving it context and making your decision more meaningful.

  1. Alma – This Spanish name means “soul,” for your loving companion.
  2. Amber – A beautiful gemstone name to match your Dachshund’s jewel-like eyes.
  3. Ava – A German name meaning “life,” suitable for a lively Dachshund.
  4. Bailey – Of English origin, meaning “bailiff” or “steward.”
  5. Bean – A cute, playful name suitable for your little “bean.”
  6. Bella – Italian for “beautiful,” a perfect name for your gorgeous Dachshund.
  7. Betsy – An English name meaning “pledged to God.”
  8. Biscuit – A fun, comforting name that suits a lovable Dachshund.
  9. Bonnie – Scottish for “pretty,” a great choice for a lovely Dachshund.
  10. Brandy – An elegant name that matches the sophistication of your Dachshund.
  11. Bree – An Irish name meaning “strength,” suitable for the brave Dachshund.
  12. Cara – This Irish name means “friend,” perfect for your loyal companion.
  13. Coco – A sweet, popular name perfect for a brown-coated Dachshund.
  14. Cherry – A sweet and bright name for your joyful companion.
  15. Cupcake – A cute and sweet name for your adorable Dachshund.
  16. Daisy – A cheerful flower name for a cheerful Dachshund.
  17. Dolly – A cute name, perfect for a small and lovely Dachshund.
  18. Dot – A sweet, simple name for your small-sized Dachshund.
  19. Esme – A French name meaning “esteemed” or “loved.”
  20. Elsa – A noble German name, in honor of the Dachshund’s German heritage.
  21. Ella – Of English origin, meaning “beautiful fairy.”
  22. Emma – A German name meaning “whole” or “universal.”
  23. Fifi – A French pet name, for your fancy little Dachshund.
  24. Frankie – A fun, playful name, perfect for a frisky Dachshund.
  25. Freya – Named after the Norse goddess of love and beauty.
  26. Frida – Of German origin, meaning “peaceful ruler.”
  27. Fudge – A sweet and rich name for a dark brown Dachshund.
  28. Greta – Of German origin, meaning “pearl.”
  29. Ginger – Ideal for a Dachshund with a reddish-brown coat.
  30. Gigi – A French name, a pet form of Georgine, meaning “farmer.”
  31. Gretchen – Of German origin, meaning “pearl.”
  32. Hazel – Named after the hazelnut tree, perfect for a brown-coated Dachshund.
  33. Heidi – A German name meaning “noble and serene.”
  34. Hershey – A sweet name for a chocolate-colored Dachshund.
  35. Honey – A sweet name for your sweet little Dachshund.
  36. Holly – Named after the evergreen plant, suitable for a lively Dachshund.
  37. Ivy – An English name, for your evergreen companion.
  38. Iris – Named after the colorful flower, for your beautiful Dachshund.
  39. Jazz – A cool name for a Dachshund with a lively personality.
  40. Jellybean – A playful name fitting for your small, adorable Dachshund.
  41. Juno – Named after the Roman goddess, protector of the community.
  42. Juniper – Named after the juniper tree, a unique name for your Dachshund.
  43. Kiwi – A fun, fresh name for a cute and lively Dachshund.
  44. Latte – A creamy, comforting name, ideal for a light-brown Dachshund.
  45. Lena – A German name meaning “torch,” perfect for your little light.
  46. Lily – A delicate and beautiful name, just like the flower.
  47. Lilac – A floral name reflecting your Dachshund’s delicate nature.
  48. Lola – A Spanish name meaning “sorrow,” for your empathetic Dachshund.
  49. Lottie – A diminutive of Charlotte, meaning “free.”
  50. Lucy – A Latin name meaning “light.”
  51. Lucky – An ideal name for a Dachshund who’s brought you lots of luck.
  52. Luna – Latin for “moon,” a popular name for dogs.
  53. Maddie – A popular name meaning “high tower,” for your noble Dachshund.
  54. Maple – A lovely name for a Dachshund with a reddish-brown coat.
  55. Mia – A Scandinavian name meaning “dear.”
  56. Minnie – A cute, playful name for a small-sized Dachshund.
  57. Mocha – A sweet name for a Dachshund with a dark brown coat.
  58. Nutmeg – Perfect for a Dachshund with a reddish-brown coat.
  59. Noodle – A fun, playful name suitable for your long, lean Dachshund.
  60. Olive – Named after the resilient olive tree.
  61. Oreo – A popular name for a black and white Dachshund.
  62. Peanut – A cute, nutty name perfect for your little Dachshund.
  63. Penny – A friendly name, fitting for a copper-colored Dachshund.
  64. Peaches – A sweet and sunny name, perfect for a cheerful Dachshund.
  65. Pippa – Of English origin, meaning “lover of horses.”
  66. Piper – An English name meaning “pipe player,” for a Dachshund with a musical bark.
  67. Pickle – A playful and fun name for your small-sized Dachshund.
  68. Pretzel – A fun, unique name that pays homage to the Dachshund’s German origins.
  69. Poppy – After the vibrant red flower.
  70. Queenie – A regal name fitting for a well-loved Dachshund.
  71. Raisin – A sweet name, perfect for a tiny, brown Dachshund.
  72. Rosie – A cute, friendly name perfect for a sweet Dachshund.
  73. Roxie – Of Persian origin, meaning “dawn.”
  74. Ruby – After the precious red gemstone, a suitable choice for a reddish-coated Dachshund.
  75. Sadie – A popular Hebrew name meaning “princess.”
  76. Sausage – A fun, playful name, perfect for a Dachshund, often called “sausage dogs.”
  77. Scarlet – A sophisticated name for a reddish-coated Dachshund.
  78. Sophie – A Greek name meaning “wisdom.”
  79. Stella – A popular Latin name meaning “star.”
  80. Sugar – A sweet name for your sweet Dachshund.
  81. Sprinkles – A delightful name for your delightful Dachshund.
  82. Sky – Ideal for a Dachshund with a limitless spirit.
  83. Taco – A playful name, perfect for your “hotdog.”
  84. Taffy – A playful name for your stretchy Dachshund.
  85. Tess – An English name meaning “to reap,” suitable for your hardworking Dachshund.
  86. Teeny – An adorable name fitting for your small-sized Dachshund.
  87. Tilly – A German name meaning “battle maiden.”
  88. Truffles – A fancy name, fitting for a Dachshund with a rich, brown coat.
  89. Twiggy – A cute name, suitable for your slim Dachshund.
  90. Una – A Latin name meaning “one,” for your number one companion.
  91. Violet – After the purple-blue flower, a sweet name for a female Dachshund.
  92. Vanilla – A sweet and soft name, suitable for a light-colored Dachshund.
  93. Winnie – A Welsh name meaning “white” or “fair.”
  94. Willow – After the graceful tree, reflecting your Dachshund’s resilient nature.
  95. Wiggles – A playful name for a playful Dachshund.
  96. Xena – A Greek name meaning “guest” or “stranger.”
  97. Yara – Of Brazilian origin, meaning “water lady.”
  98. Yuki – A Japanese name meaning “happiness” or “snow.”
  99. Zelda – A German name meaning “gray battle maiden.”
  100. Zinnia – Named after the vibrant flower, for your beautiful Dachshund.
  101. Zoe – A Greek name meaning “life.”

    Choosing the perfect name for your Dachshund is not just about picking a name that sounds good or is currently popular. It’s about choosing a name that truly captures your dog’s personality and uniqueness. A Dachshund is more than just a pet; she is a family member, a companion, and a source of joy. By choosing a name from our list, you are acknowledging the special role she plays in your life. After all, a name is a reflection of identity, character, and love.

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