18 Dog Breeds with Beatiful Beards and Mustaches! 

In the diverse world of canine breeds, there’s a unique category that stands out due to their distinctive furry features – Moustached and Bearded Dog Breeds! These dogs boast beards that give them an endless charm and character. From participating in animated play with children to standing as intelligent and reliable companions, these bearded buddies offer a range of behaviors and temperaments. Join us as we introduce you to some of these bearded dog breeds that are sure to melt your hearts with their furry faces and lively personalities.


Welcome to my list of bearded dog and moustachioed doggos!  So if you’re looking for a handsome beard, you’re definitely going to find a good choice amongst these gorgeous bearded dogs!

Moustached and Bearded Dog Breeds

1 – Airedale Terrier

The Airedale Terrier, also known as the “King of Terriers,” is a large, charismatic, and intelligent breed originating from the Aire Valley in Yorkshire, England. They were traditionally used as skilled hunters and working dogs. Known for their courage, loyalty, and playful nature, Airedale Terriers make excellent family companions. While they are highly adaptable, they require regular exercise and mental stimulation to channel their energy positively. The Airedale Terrier’s dense, wiry, waterproof outer coat and soft undercoat need routine grooming and trimming to maintain a neat appearance. With proper socialization, training, and care, Airedale Terriers can be social, energetic, and affectionate pets, thriving both in the city and in the countryside.


2 – Bearded Collie

The Bearded Collie, often affectionately referred to as a “Beardie,” is a medium-sized, long hair breed from the herding group, known for its long, flowing coat and expressive face. Renowned for its friendly, affectionate nature, the Bearded Collie is often noted for its sociable demeanor. This breed is not just good-looking but also exhibits a wonderful ethos of good natured playfulness, making it a favorite with children and other animals alike – and the mustache and beard is a part of the breed standard!

3 – Berger Picard

The Berger Picard is a french herding dog, energetic and lively medium-sized breed, hailing from France’s Picardy region. Recognized by its wiry coat, distinctive beard, and eyebrows, this rare breed captures attention with its unique appearance. Traditionally employed as herding dogs, the Berger Picard is both intelligent and hardworking, with a loving and loyal nature towards its family. This breed thrives in active households, requiring daily exercise and mental stimulation to keep them satisfied and well-behaved. The Berger Picard is known to be relatively low-maintenance in terms of grooming, with its coat only needing occasional brushing. As a devoted and spirited companion, the Berger Picard makes a delightful addition to homes looking for an active, friendly, and intelligent canine friend.


4 – Brussels Griffon

The Brussels Griffon is a small Belgian dog breed from the toy group, known for its distinct facial fur, round head, and human-like expressions. These compact and sturdy dogs originated in the 1800s and are characterized by a mischievous and playful personality. They come in two coat types: smooth or wiry. Weighing between 8 to 15 pounds, the breed is an engaging companion, earning the title of “bearded dog” due to their unique facial hair. As they have moderate exercise requirements because of short legs, and whilst they enjoy a good walk and enjoy playtime, Brussels Griffons are well-suited for families or apartment living. Regular grooming is necessary to keep their coat healthy. 

5 – Doodles

Probably the most popular bearded pup – and whilst they’re not recognised by the American kennel club – they are still worth a mention! Doodle breeds are popular hybrid dogs that typically combine the intelligence and low-shedding qualities of a Poodle with other well-loved breeds. Doodles come in various sizes and coat types but all can sport fashionable beards such as Goldendoodles (Golden Retriever x Poodle), Labradoodles (Labrador Retriever x Poodle), and many more. They are generally known for being a fun-loving dog, and thrive being family members! They’re playful, friendly, and affectionate personalities, blending well with families and becoming excellent companions. Due to their low-shedding or hypoallergenic coats, Doodles are often preferred by allergy sufferers. However, their coats do require regular grooming, including brushing and occasional trims, to avoid matting and tangles. Despite varying temperaments and traits depending on the specific breed mix, Doodles share a common reputation for being loving, adaptable, and charming pets, suited to various lifestyles and environments.


6 – German Wirehaired Pointer

The Wirehaired Pointer, also known as the German Wirehaired Pointer, is a medium to large-sized breed is one of the bearded hunting dogs on this list. Famous for their energy, intelligence, and versatility, they are equally adept at being a family pet as they are in the field. A Wirehaired Pointer is loyal, loving, and thrives on human interaction. They require regular vigorous exercise and mental stimulation due to their high energy levels and intelligent nature. Their coarse coat needs periodic brushing, but generally, they are low maintenance in grooming. Overall, their versatility and a robust nature make them excellent companions for active families and outdoors enthusiasts.

7 – Irish Wolfhound

These Gentle giants were bred to chase big game, such as boar and deer. They’re similar shaped to a greyhound, with long legs, and an athletic body, though roughly three feet to the shoulder, they’re the biggest dog breed on the planet (at least by breed standards!).

But they’re famous for that shaggy coat of theirs and size! They’re fabulously affectionate and wonderful companions, though their size can mean that they’re not quite so fantastic with young kids (because this canine companion may not be quite as aware of it’s size…). 

8 – Lhasa Apso

The Lhasa Apso is a small, non-sporting breed that originated in Tibet as indoor sentinels in monasteries. Characterized by a dense double coat with a diverse range of colors and cascades of straight hair over their eyes, Lhasa Apsos are known for their distinctive appearance. This breed has an independent and stubborn, yet friendly and affectionate temperament. Lhasa Apsos are often wary of strangers but demonstrate unwavering loyalty to their families. They adapt well to apartment living and don’t require strenuous exercise, but do enjoy regular walks. In terms of grooming, the long coat necessitates frequent brushing to prevent matting. Overall, the Lhasa Apso is a small dog with a big personality, and with its loyal and watchful nature, makes an ideal companion for many families.

9 – Old English Sheepdog

The Old English Sheepdog, often recognised for its thick, shaggy coat and distinctive bear-like gait, is a large breed originating from the western counties of England. Beloved for their playful personality, gentle nature, and trademark beard, they were historically used as cattle herding dogs. Despite their size, the Old English Sheepdog is known to be incredibly affectionate and gets along well with family members, including children and other pets. They require regular exercise to stay mentally and physically stimulated. Due to their fluffy, dense double coat, they need substantial grooming to prevent matting and tangling. Gifted with intelligence and a willingness to please, the Old English Sheepdog makes a wonderful, loyal companion for the right family.

10 – Schnauzers (mini, standard & giant)                       

These wonderful bearded beauties are actually named after their facial hair! From rat catchers to guard dogs, the miniature schnauzer average 12 inches tall, and in the region of 14-20lbs in weight, where as their giant schnauzer compadres are double the height at 24 inches to the shoulder and 55-80lbs.

Broadly, they are an intelligent breed, known for a lack of fear and their general alertness and obedience. Some can be prone to hypervigilance, but typically, they’re a wonderful breed.

11 – Scottish Terrier

The Scottish Terrier, also known as the “Scottie,” is a small, sturdy dog breed with a distinctive hard and wiry coat, originating from Scotland. Renowned for their bold, alert, and independent nature, Scottish Terriers make loyal and loving pets. While they can be somewhat stubborn, they display phenomenal agility and determination, making them excellent hunters in their past. Due to their moderate exercise needs, Scotties can easily adapt to both urban and country living. Grooming-wise, their dense double coat requires regular brushing and occasional professional trimming to keep them looking their best. Overall, Scotties make great companions for those looking for an intelligent, brave, and affectionate little dog with a touch of spunk.

12 – Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu, a toy breed originating from Tibet, is a small and affectionate companion dog. Recognized for their long, flowing coats, and distinctive pushed-in face, Shih Tzus are beautiful and charming pets. Their warm and friendly demeanor, combined with a touch of playfulness and stubbornness, makes them wonderful family companions. They adapt well to various living situations, including apartments and small homes, due to their compact size and low exercise requirements. Although their luxurious coat may require regular grooming and brushing to avoid matting and maintain their overall appearance, they are generally low-maintenance pets. In summary, the Shih Tzu is a loving and friendly breed, cherished by many for its affectionate nature and elegant presence.

13 – Soft Coated Wheaten terrier

The all round watchdog and ratter, these handsome dogs hail from the Emerald Isles of Ireland! Named for their solky, wavy and golden coat, these handsome dogs are typically 35 lbs and 18 inches and not a single inch or pound of that is boring.

They’re good with the whole family, they’re also low shed (not hypoallergenic, because no dog is hypoallergenic!), but they’re not necessarily the most friendly with new dogs or people.

14 – Tibetan Terrier

The Tibetan Terrier is one of the oldest breeds still being bred the same! They are a medium-sized breed, laden with a unique charm through its long, thick coat and expressive, soulful eyes. Marked by a distinct ‘bearded’ appearance, these dogs are native to Tibet and were traditionally kept as companions and good luck charms in monasteries. Known for their loving, sensitive, and loyal nature, they make excellent family pets. Despite being called ‘terriers’, they don’t share many common terrier traits. With a moderate need for exercise and a playful, friendly disposition, the Tibetan Terrier is a versatile breed that adapts well to various lifestyles. Regular grooming sessions are essential to maintain their luxurious coat and bearded glory. Overall, the Tibetan Terrier offers a delightful blend of companionship and character, truly living up to its reputation as a ‘good luck’ charm.

15 – West Highland Terrier

The West Highland Terrier, often referred to as the “Westie,” is a small and sturdy breed from Scotland. Well-known for their distinctive snow-white coat, Westies have a confident and friendly demeanor. This breed is known for its inquisitive nature, high-energy levels, and love for play, making them excellent companions for families. They are adaptable to different living situations and enjoy both urban and rural environments. Daily exercise is necessary for this energetic breed and they also appreciate mental stimulation through games and puzzles. Their thick, plush coat requires regular grooming, brushing, and trimming to maintain its neat appearance. Overall, the West Highland Terrier’s lively character and unwavering loyalty make it a popular choice for many dog lovers.

16 – Wirehaired Jack Russell

A variant of the traditional jack russell terrier, these wonderful scruffy terriers who are packed full of personality. As an accepted variant of the JRT, they are a small breed of dog typically 13-17lbs and around 13-14 inches in height and typically show white, black and tan colourings with a rather pointed face.
Bred for hunting originally, and primarily of foxes – they show typical terrier tenacity. They’re high energy and require substantial amounts of exercise despite their size. They are also prone to barking (as this is what they were bred for to flush out foxes!). Despite their wirecoat, it’s good to note that this breed do shed.

17 – Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is a medium-sized, versatile gun dog known for its uniquely bristly, wiry coat and proficient hunting abilities. Originating from the Netherlands, this breed is a prized companion for hunting enthusiasts, demonstrating impressive skills in tracking, pointing, and retrieving. The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon possesses an energetic, friendly, and intelligent nature, making them excellent family pets, as well. They require daily exercise and mental stimulation due to their active disposition and desire to work. Despite its rough coat, grooming needs are moderate – regular brushing helps maintain their coat and minimize shedding. Overall, the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon’s combination of a resilient working spirit and amiable character makes them a well-loved breed among hunters and families alike.

18 – Yorkshire Terrier

Did you know the yorkshire terrier isn’t classified as a terrier class dog, but instead as a toy class? These spritely little monsters have a famed long, silky coat. Originally, these dogs were ratters within the mills and mines of England. Their diminutive stature made them perfect for weaving through under the looms to snag rodents.

Their small size meant that they became quite quickly popular as pets of Victorian women. This seen their coats get finer, but nothing really happened to that drive of a terrier. Consequently, they can be very vocal and alert.

Remember! The Beard Is Groomed!

Typically these wonderful beards and mustaches are a sculpted beard maintained by a groomer, and a long beard can be hard to maintain (much like it is for a human, I suppose), but the good looks are definitely worth it, right?

And thus ends our journey through the world of bearded and moustached dog breeds, full of quirky whiskers, charming personalities, a bunch of terrier breeds, and heartwarming companionship. No doubt, these bearded buddies are more than just their distinct furry features – each breed holds its unique history, characteristics, and charm, making them an ideal fit for various lifestyles and preferences.

Always remember, behind every bearded dog is a fun, loving personality waiting to be your loyal friend. So, next time you think about welcoming a new furry member into your family, consider one of these bearded or moustached companions. They’ll certainly bring a smile to your face every time you look into their expressive, bearded faces.

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