Austin Pets Alive! | Emergency Response Needed For Outdoor Animals…

We need
your help this week! The Austin and surrounding areas are expected to
reach freezing temperatures this weekend so outdoor animals need help by
this Sunday! Here’s how you can support them NOW.

  • Sign up as an emergency response dog foster.
  • Our first priority is to get the outdoor enclosure animals at the APA! Town Lake shelter in warm homes. We have 230
    dogs who immediately need a warm place to stay. There are options our
    foster team will discuss with you, whether you can only help for short
    periods at a time or have more availability for a house guest. Click here to sign up now to help us meet our emergency 230 needed by this Sunday, 1/14.

  • Adopt barn cats.
  • We
    have 30 cats ready to work for you in exchange for getting out of the
    cold this week! APA! barn cats are feral cats saved from being
    euthanized and adopted to families who appreciate working cats for
    critter patrol and can provide a safe, appropriate environment such as a
    barn, stable, garage, or warehouse. Click here if you can help!

  • Donate supplies or monetarily.
  • If you can’t open your home to a pet, you can help us keep them safe
    by donating to help with our operations and cold weather shelter
    preparations. Make a monetary gift here or donate any of the following supplies:

    Supplies needed for Austin Pets Alive! Town Lake campus (have the supplies shipped to us at 1156 W Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78703 or drop off in front of Building C any time this week):

    portable charging station

    heating pads

    hand warmers


    medium and large popup crates

  • Help Other Texas Outdoor Shelter Animals in Need!
  • The following shelters also need help so we are extending
    their asks. Please have donations shipped directly too them or visit
    them in person/ask friends or family you know in the area to come help
    them too!

    San Benito – 789 Garrison Drive, San Benito TX 78586

    Needs: blankets, heat lamps, vaccines, dewormer, parvo tests

    San Diego – 804 E. Juanita St., San Diego TX 78384

    Needs: Dog adopters/fosters (URGENT as they will have to
    euthanize ahead of this weekend’s cold if not in homes), any cold
    weather supplies

    Devine – 303 S. Teel Drive, Devine TX 78016

    Needs: blankets, heaters; dog adopters/fosters

    Dilley – City Hall, 116 East Miller Dilley, TX 78017 Omar Hernandez Animal Control

    Needs: heating mats, heaters, tarps

    Luling + Laurie’s Rescue – Luling Animal Welfare Society 1800 E. Pierce St., Luling, TX 78648

    Needs: Blankets, 1-2 large dog houses, sweatshirts for medium/large dogs

    Palm Valley – 2501 west Trenton road, Edinburg, Tx 78539

    Needs: dog adopters/fosters, heated mats and heating pads

    Hondo – 407 Harper, Hondo TX 78861

    Needs: tarps, blankets, heat lamps, heating pads, dog beds, 1-2 dog houses

    Calvert – Justine VanMetre 808 pin oak st Calvert,TX 77837

    Needs: dog jackets/sweaters, blankets, plastic dog houses
    or anything providing a border to avoid direct wind(only have roof),
    anything heat emitting.

    Mission – Big Spring Shelter Dogs, C/O Montana Grey 600 Lamesa Hwy, Big Spring, TX 79720

    Needs: blankets and food, mainly wet food

    Gonzalez – Gonzales Dog Adoption, Keiko McCormick 204 County Road 442, Hardwood, TX, 78632

    Needs: blankets, tarps

  • Help pets where you are stay warm.
  • Read and share this checklist to protect pets where you are.

    ✔ Bring pets inside. The best thing you
    can do for your pet is to bring them inside with you. While some breeds
    of dogs are more tolerant of cold weather than others, and cats are
    known to have an easier time adjusting to extreme weather, no pet should
    be left outside for long periods of time when it is below freezing
    (32ºF). You know your pet best, so be vigilant about watching for signs
    of their cold tolerance and limit outdoor activities accordingly.

    ✔ Check your car for cats. Our feline
    friends like to hide from this weather in car engines and/or wheel
    wells, so thump the hood of your car a few times and check your wheels
    for stowaways before you start the engine and take off.

    ✔ Provide a makeshift enclosure for
    outdoor animals. If you’ve noticed outdoor cats or other animals in your
    community suffering from the cold (shaking, curled up, etc.) and you
    are worried about them, create a makeshift shelter for them to stay warm
    in. A closed box or Rubbermaid bin with a cut out in the side, with
    straw or mylar blankets (fabric can hold moisture and freeze over so we
    no longer recommend using towels or blankets), will help keep them safe
    in the frigid temperatures. Click here for example directions for cat shelters from Alley Cat Advocates and click here for more on what to do for dogs in the cold from Best Friends.

    ✔ Or consider opening your garage slightly (and leaving a heating pad or heat lamp on) to let cats in from the cold.

    ✔ Put a sweater on your pup. If you have a
    dog with a short coat, you can keep them a bit more insulated by 
    putting a sweater or dog coat on them. Be sure the sweater and coat are
    completely dry for each outing, though, as damp or wet outerwear could
    actually make them chillier.

    ✔ Check paws. After outdoor activity,
    check your pet’s paws for any signs of cracking on the paw pads, redness
    between toes, or bleeding. Wipe them down after each outing, too, to
    remove any salt, ice, or chemicals.

    Need help with a community pet? Email [email protected].
    P.A.S.S. connects you to community member support for emergency pet
    food, pet resource assistance, and other emergency pet help.

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