Best Christmas Gifts For Dog Moms!

With Christmas around the corner, for dog lovers, for your favourite dog mom (or dog dads!), you’re looking for the best gifts, right?


Well, that’s where I’m here for you, because cherishing your fur baby? Is something I totally get, and it’s something this Christmas gift guide is gonna celebrate with you.

I want to celebrate our four-legged friends and life with those furry boogers this holiday season, whether it’s making life with a dog easier? Or actually celebrating the fact that we are dog moms, and proud. These should be that thoughtful gift for that wonderful, deserving dog parent (and we’re going way further than the renaissance pet portrait – Yawn! I mean, I’m not putting that … on my walls and I wouldn’t suggest it for you).

I’ve either got first hand experience with all of these products, or second hand (e.g. if I’ve gifted them to another dog mama!)

Best Christmas Gifts For Dog Moms

(or just best holiday gifts for any dog parent, dog owner, or pet parent!)


BRIIV Air Filter

It’s not a lie that dogs make our homes dirtier on an average day, than a home without a dog. The good news though, is that it doesn’t have to be that way! And one of the ways that I ensure that my home is as clean as possible, is to have an air filter. 

To me? They make a wonderful gift. Because I wouldn’t necessarily splurge on something like this for myself. 


Briiv is the most stylish air filter on the market – and heck yeah I’m gonna say that – and even better? It’s a really nice air filter that does really well with dog skin particles and it does it naturally. 

My favourite thing about being a dog mom is doing it as naturally as possible, and with reindeer moss, and with coconut fibre and carbon filtering, this air filter introduces nothing negative into my home.

It definitely helps to keep my home clean and tidy (and healthy!) – and why wouldn’t that be a fantastic gift? 


Big Barker dog bed

When it comes to dog beds? This is the Best big dog bed on the market.

These beds? I mean… I cannot fault them (really!) from quick delivery, to fantastic support and supremely easy washing? These beds are just without a doubt the best thing out there for a big dog, and why not give your favorite dog mama the gift of her happy, healthy dog who has a longer life? 

I mean… If I didn’t have one? This is what Mr Rebarkable should def. get me.

And bonus points for the fact it’ll look great in your living room (and it comes in a few different colors).

WoofCultr Dog Nerd t-shirt

I love woofcultr stuff, they’re adorable, I’m supporting small businesses, and they’re on point with their messages too – and Dog Nerd is definitely the most fun one they have (in my opinion!) – but check out their stuff! This one is really gonna celebrate your dog mom who loves her research (or dog behaviourist or dog trainer partner!).

This t-shirt is a fun gift – especially if that dog mom is a dog nerd! it’s not only going to make mom smile, but it’s going to get worn to death because it’s truly every day wear – and that’s what you have to love about woofcultr.

Embark Dog DNA Test

If you want that gift for that dog mom who loves to know everything about her dog, start with the Embark test. 

To me? This sort of thing is the perfect gift! because (essentially) it’s not always something you could excuse, but you’d love to know the results! 

Embark covers;

  • Breed 
  • Genetic conditions
  • Health conditions
Jax & Darci Dog Mom Sweatshirt

Another small brand that really deserves the support. And this sweatshirt? Is like super dog mom being busted out, and also totally perfect for watching those Cosy Christmas movies! Throw this on with some sweatpants, and a snuggle down for Miracle on 34th Street (90’s one please, thanks), that’s the one!


And, another huge thing here? Is that you’re supporting small businesses! Woo!

PupProtector fluffy blanket

Fluffy blankets are winter, right? So, this waterproof protective blanket is perfect for dog-proofing your home. This was, the most surprising product that I didn’t know I needed in my life.

My dogs love a fluffy blanket, and they would always steal mine? Which wasn’t okay haha – So now we have a more appropriate dog blanket than my one (which is way better for snuggles!).

This blanket isn’t designed as a snuggle blanket, really, but it’s a fantastic way to keep your sofa or bed clean and clear. It stops claw marks, it’s waterproof, and all in all? It’s ridiculously useful for a dog mom – and looks cute as heck too!

Oh, and even better? My dogs adore it. They literally pick whichever sofa this blanket is on, which just makes me laugh so much – because it obviously has my dog’s approval and mine.

Big Barker dog bed


The Best big dog bed on the market, these beds? I mean… I cannot fault them (really!) from quick delivery, to fantastic support and supremely easy washing? These beds are just without a doubt the best thing out there for a big dog, and why not give your favorite dog mama the gift of her happy, healthy dog who has a longer life? 

I mean… If I didn’t have one? This is what Mr Rebarkable should def. get me.

Other Ideas

I hate giving ideas for dog moms that become gifts for their dog? Because sure, I can recommend snuffle mats, or pretty dog tags, or bully sticks, but that’s not for mom, right? Whether you’re celebrating being a new dog owners, or otherwise!

Something simple like a gorgeous framed picture, or a paw print charm, or what about a photoshoot? I mean, what’s more special than that!

Spoil Your Favorite Dog Mom!

You absolutely want to spoil your puppy moms, and with these special dog mom gifts, you absolutely must be able to find something that is the perfect gift idea – even if they don’t want to show off their dog mom status with a gorgeous dog mom shirt. Remember, Christmas is the perfect time for super thoughtful gifts, and spoil your pet moms with something they might not buy for themselves but would love.


We all love our four-legged friends, but sometimes? Things need to not be about our furbaby, that’s why I’ve given you a few great options in this gift ideas to ensure that you get the best gifts for that wonderful doggy parent this holiday season. Ensure they’re spoiled rotten, and enjoy unwrapping all these fantastic gifts under the Christmas tree.

If you’re also worried about, say, your dog at Christmas and successfully navigating the holiday season, go read my stress-free Christmas tips!

Author, Ali Smith

Ali Smith is the Positive Puppy Expert, dog trainer and is the founder of Rebarkable. She is passionate about helping puppy parents get things right, right from the start. To help create a puppy capable of being a confident and adaptable family member and keep puppies out of shelters.

Ali has won multiple awards for her dog training, and has had her blog (this blog!) rated as 2021 & 2022 worlds’ best pet blog!


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