Cat Toys-How To Make Your Cat Happy- Kitten Toys And Ultimate Tips To Keep Them Entertained And Happy

It’s true that cats are, in most cases, quite independent pets. They seem to be alright just walking around, mewing when they feel like, and curling up into a ball somewhere cozy and napping. In general, cats don’t mind being home alone for short periods.

Anyway, pets are pets, after all; they are supposed to get attention. In fact, if you are working and there’s no one at home to pay some attention to these fur-babies, chances are, living with you is pretty boring for them- yeah, face it. Several cat owners reach us out frequently asking if cats can get bored or sad or depressed. Despite their independent attitudes, without enough care and attention, it’s possible that cats can get all uncomfortable, sad or even depressed. Whether or not your cat gets bored and depressed in your absence depends on how you have trained them. If you spend time petting your kitty every day, a sudden absence of any petting or company can make them feel bored or even ‘low’.

How To Make Your Cat Happy

Also, there are more chances of depression or boredom in cats that were abused or left uncared prior to adoption. In such cases, making cats happy and comfortable might need some extra efforts.

So how can we keep these li’l fellas happy? Let’s see.

How do I keep my bored cat entertained? Tips to keep your cat happy indoors

Felines can be unpredictable. And different cats have quite different behavior. Some are lazy, some behave anxiously, some seem uninterested in anything and some can be quite curious, cuddly and ‘give me attention’ types. Here are some generally applicable tips to keep cats happy and entertained,

How To Make Your Cat Happy

Care, Playtime and Cuddles Cuddles Cuddles!

The ultimate key to the happiness of any pet will be the love and playtime you offer them. We know that cats love cuddling on their humans. Make sure you get them that a lot. Moreover, make sure that they are well-taken care off. They should be well-fed and must feel safe. Don’t keep toxic substances around. Their essentials like food, litter trays, etc. should be available when they need.

Cat Toys-How To Make Your Cat Happy

Get some good cat toys :

Getting some great toys for cats is, of course, a good step towards keeping your cats entertained and happy. Cat toys can be a great addition to your play-time with them. Get them some chasing toys or toy balls; it will help pass their time or play when you’re not around or are busy. In the later sections, we have recommended some of the best cat toys online that your kitty will probably end up loving.

Training :

Cats are mostly alright indoors, lazy as they are. It will be even better if you make them comfortable being indoors since you bring those kitties home. If you happen to live in a relatively calm and safe society (from a cat’s point of view), where you wouldn’t have to worry about street dogs or other animals attacking your kitty, you can consider walking cats. It can be a good idea if your cat likes to stay outdoors. Leash-training cats or taking them to walk everyday can be a little tricky in few-many cases. But the earlier you start, the better.

Cat Toys-How To Make Your Cat Happy - cat training

Caution- if you do take them out, be careful to not leave them alone, especially if you live in a busy locality.

 Socializing :

Depending on the locality where you live, you can try are socialize your cat. Even better if you happen to find other people with cats. In many cases, cats respond quite positively to socializing and the company of other cats. If it’s difficult finding other cat owners in your locality, consider adopting another cat.

Cat Toys-How To Make Your Cat Happy - cat training - Socializing

Cat trees :

As you probably know, members of the cat family are good climbers and have this natural like for it. These trees can offer some good climbing time for your kitties. Plus, in case you have more than one cat at home, cat trees can be an add-on to their play-time fun. Likewise, cats enjoy napping or walking in grass. Get some of that indoors and see your cat rolling around. You can get cat trees of different sizes and varieties online.

Cat Toys-How To Make Your Cat Happy - cat trees

What are the best toys for a cat?

There are just all kinds of cat toys available now. From soft cat toy balls to interactive toys, there are just so many options to keep your feline engaged for hours. You can check out local cat stores or can simply buy cat toys online on The site has a selected collection of best cat toys that your fur-baby would totally love.

Mouse toys:

Mice are cat weak spots, right? Get some mouse-related toys for your kitty and they wouldn’t need much more. Besides, their natural ‘hunting’ instinct can be satisfied. No doubt you can keep your cat happy with a couple of these. Here are some of the best mouse-toys to gift your kitty.

Cat Toys-How To Make Your Cat Happy - mouse toys

Cat toy balls:

Toy balls are yet another great means to keep your cat entertained. Playing with balls create chasing instincts in them as with chasing a mouse or laser light. Your cat might probably engage long hours with some of these. Plus, there’s probably nothing cuter than seeing cats playing with the ball. There is a wide variety of interesting cat toy balls available online. Check some of these out.

Cat Toys-How To Make Your Cat Happy - ball toys

Interactive toys:

Interactive cat toys too would make a great addition to your cat’s play supplies. Many of the mouse toys too are kinds of interactive toys too. Interactive toys can keep cats occupied and entertained for hours. Interactive cat toys can be of different types- from motion activated light balls coming in long transparent tubes to interactive laser cat toys, there is a lot that you can shop through. These toys are, moreover, good for regularly exercising your cats in addition to keeping them happy.Scratch Posts and scratch toys

Cat Toys-How To Make Your Cat Happy - Interactive toys

As a cat parent, you would already know cats have this liking for, well, using their paw-nails. Get them some cat scratching posts and scratch toys and they will be very happy scratching around. In addition to giving your cats some fun scratching time, scratch toys will keep your sofa, cushions, and pillows safe too! Scratching toys for cats are easily available online on Marshalls Petzone and other pet store sites.

Cat Toys-How To Make Your Cat Happy - Cat nip toys


Catnip toys:

Most of you cat parents would have heard about catnip- some compare it to drugs. Well, it’s just a herbal thing which gives this euphoric and happy feeling to cats. So if you find your cat’s pretty too bored or sad, get a catnip- even better, a catnip toy; it should do the trick. There are many catnip toys available on Marshalls Petzone which is refillable. Rest assured there are no bad effects, just the happy cat.

Cat Toys-How To Make Your Cat Happy - Cat nip toys

You can check out the vast collection of trendy yet cheap cat toys online at

Hope you have a happy kitty home!!

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