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4 Reasons Why Your Dog Might Need Sunscreen

Pets And Sunscreen-Protect Mans Best Friend

Peter O’Prey CEO Pet Friendly Holidays

Most people have pets, we enjoy the companionship and they bring joy to our lives. So for those pet owners out there, you might be surprised to know that your pets that are outside a lot during the summer can actually get sunburned and even develop skin cancer. I can say from experience that we often think our pets are fine, they have thick coats of fur how can they get sunburned?

Unfortunately that is not the case, especially for those pets with short fur (or no fur at all depending on the animal). If you have any pets that spend most of the day, every day, outside then you should look into protecting them. They are a part of the family and we do not want our family hurt, so just as you would put sunscreen on your kids you will want to think about Pets and Sunscreen.

It might seem a bit ludicrous at first, putting sunscreen on your pets. But as I said, they can get sunburned and develop skin cancer the same way humans can. So if you want to protect them you will need to look into getting sunscreen for them. Some ways you can mitigate the need for sunscreen is by ensuring there is plenty of shade in your yard for them to go under, or simply limiting the amount of time they are outside.

However, if you do think about your Pets and Sunscreen is the only option you can come up with, then you will need to make sure you get the right kind. While dealing with your pets and the sunscreen they need is much the same as any human, there are still some differences. Notably, what kind of sunscreen you get.

Given the nature of their fur coats, you will need something a little stronger so that it can protect them even if much of it is on their fur rather than their skin. Typically an SPF of 15 or higher is required. You will also need a lotion form of sunscreen, as sprays will not work.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your pet will likely lick the sunscreen, so you must make sure it is safe to consume so that they will not get sick. This is the most important part, you do not want your pet getting sick after all.

Once you have the right sunscreen for your pets you need to think about where to apply it. Mostly you want to apply it wherever you can see skin, so if your pet is missing hair on any part of their body, make sure to put sunscreen there. Also never forget the nose, that is always exposed to sun and can get damaged quite easily.

Lastly, if your pet has short fur make sure to simply rub it all over their body, much the same as if you were shampooing them. This way they can be protected from the sun.

Dealing with Pets and Sunscreen can be more than a little annoying, it is one more hassle. But if your pets spend a lot of time outside, you will want to make sure they are safe. So it is well worth the time and effort.

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