Lady Gaga Sued By Woman Who “Found” Her Stolen French Bulldogs

Two years ago, two of Lady Gaga’s three French Bulldogs were stolen after her dog walker was shot. The singer was outside of the country filming House of Gucci when it happened, but she made a social media plea for the return of her beloved canines. She promised a $500,000 “no questions asked” reward to whoever returned the dogs.

Soon after, Jennifer McBride returned Koji and Gustav. At first, officers thought she seemed “uninvolved and unassociated,” but they later learned that she was linked to the people who stole the dogs. Yet, McBride still thinks she deserves the reward money despite it all.

Lady Gaga and her dogs

McBride Sues Lady Gaga

Five suspects were arrested for reasons related to the theft almost two years ago now, but it’s not over yet. One of those individuals was McBride, who was charged with “accessory to attempted murder” and “receiving stolen property.” She was sentenced to two years of probation.

Despite being linked to the attempted murder and dog theft, McBride is still angry that Lady Gaga never handed over the reward money. Gaga had posted that she would pay $500k to whoever returned her dogs, but according to McBride, Gaga never followed through. So, McBride is now suing the celebrity for not doing what she promised.

Lady Gaga stolen dogs

“This case is quite simple,” McBride’s lawyer said in a statement. “Lady Gaga made a reward offer to induce performance. She desperately wanted her dogs returned, and my client took action to fulfill Lady Gaga’s wish. My client had absolutely no involvement in the theft of the dogs. She loves dogs and was glad to participate in their safe return. She is legally entitled to and deserves the reward.”

Asking for More

McBride is suing Lady Gaga for “breach of contract,” “fraud by false promise,” and “fraud by misrepresentation.” However, she expects more than just the reward money from the pop star. She wants to triple the amount to $1.5 million because she said she has faced “financial damages,” “pain and suffering,” “mental anguish,” and “loss of enjoyment of life” due to not receiving the promised money.

Lady Gaga portrait

McBride and her lawyer believe that Gaga never intended to pay the reward. If Lady Gaga suffers financially from this lawsuit, deputy district attorney Michele Hanisee said prosecutors could seek restitution from McBride.

“It was clear from the evidence presented to the grand jury that Ms. McBride knew the dogs had been stolen in a violent robbery in which Ryan Fischer had been grievously injured,” Hanisee said to NBC. “It was also clear from the evidence that McBride had known at least two of her co-conspirators for years.”

Lady Gaga's three dogs

This lawsuit is a messy situation, so it’s unclear what the outcome will be. Luckily, Lady Gaga’s Frenchies are still happy and safe with their mom despite everything that has happened.

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