Ray Allen Multi-Function Harness – An Honest Review

The Ray Allen multi-function harness is designed with a lot of sports in mind.


From tracking to bite work (agitation work), and even an every day harness! Personally, I really like this harness, it has a unique look, and offers a lot of strength in every part of it. It has a lot of adjustment and is very practical for what it’s been designed for.

It’s also one of the few Biothane harnesses that I’ve had the pleasure to test, so this one is different from the get go.

Biothane has a few wonderful benefits when it comes to dogs, because it doesn’t hold smell, and when it comes to swimmers? It’s just about the singular best choice, as you can say good by to stinky soggy harnesses – just saying!

Introducing The Ray Allen Multi-Function Harness

Our Score

  • 5 points of adjustment
  • doesn’t need to be overhead
  • brass hardware
  • Biothane & Sheepskin

What really makes this harness special is the quality, and the biothane. 

This harness is absolutely up to Ray Allen’s usual standards of quality produce, it’s thoughtful, with it’s handle, adjustability, and even the sheepskin chest pad – which is delicious by the way! 

The multi-function harness comes with brass clasps and belt-like straps, which is really interesting. Whilst they’re not ‘safety’ clasps (like a pinch clip or a cobra clip which don’t have to have you tighten the harness to release),  they’re also really beautifully done.


What I Love About The Ray Allen Multi-Function Harness

It’s Biothane

Biothane is a wonderful material when it comes to dogs, for multiple reasons.

The first of which is that it’s actually really strong. It’s constructed from nylon webbing coated all the way around with plastic, which is flexible and smooth.

Next, it’s waterproof. So, gone are the days of sticking the harness in the washing machine after a sudden downpour, or after a swim in that local stinky pond! At most? This harness is going to need a rinse off in the sink at most.


And it doesn’t hold smell, at all. Because of that plastic coating, it doesn’t hold scent particles.

So far, I’ve never seen biothane chafe, nor have I heard of it either.

It’s Sturdy!

The brass clasps are stronger than the average aluminium clips and fasteners, so this one definitely ranks highly in strength there, and we’ve already discussed how strong biothane is on it’s own. So, when they’re properly, securely rivetted together? it creates a harness that is super strong.

Very Adjustable

It offers 5 points of adjustment, the only place it’s not adjustable is along the back where the handle is. The rest all works on brass buckles and holes in the biothane – this in itself means that you can totally adjust it and even punch new holes if you particularly need to.


Now, if you read my blog often, and follow my reviews, I’m not a big fan of harnesses with handles – BUT – this is one of those instances where the handle is actually quite acceptable. Why? Because it runs along the spine and not across the spine. For me, a handle that runs across the spine is just to big a risk when it comes to snagging.

All of my dogs are happy to weave in and out of bush and brush, and I’ve seen them all snag stick-y up parts quite often. Now, if that were to happen when they (say) got lost? There is a chance that I would never see my dogs again if they got hung up on a tree branch and couldn’t wiggle out of them.

Luckily! The multi-function harness won’t pose that risk as much, as it has a handle that goes down the spine. Giving the easy grab functionality – with the additional benefit of it being biothane which is really grippy!

Sheepskin pad

This sheepskin is such high quality – and trust me – I know high quality sheep skin (I have family who farm sheep, believe it or not!) – and this is beautiful. It’s wonderfully fluffy and I can only imagine it’s super comfy for a dog if they pull. Naturally we don’t want dogs to pull in most instances, but for tracking, and bitework, you actually do! So, it makes sense. This could also be fantastic if your dog has a sensitive chest or neck, then this can definitely add some extra protection — personally – I’d love to see if this is comfortable enough for dogs struggling with megaoesophagus …

What I Don’t Love About Ray Allen Multi-Function Harness

Brass Hardware

As fixtures go, brass is tougher than aluminium, but, not as strong as steel, so the choice of brass is interesting! It definitely adds a little flair to the harness, and adds a very unique styling, but for me, the choice of brass isn’t one I would make when encouraging large, strong breeds to wear it, I’d skip brass entirely and hit for Stainless steel… But hey! That’s not to say it’s not a solid upgrade from he aluminium fixtures offered by many…

The Sheepskin pad is … well not weatherproof

Genuinely, this one confuses me. Biothane is famed for it’s weatherproofness, so to flip that, and put the sheepskin chestpad as being non-washable, and on leather and firmly not waterproof, or even resistant seems like a very strange divergence of materials. That said, it is removable… so if your dog is a splasher, and doesn’t need the chest bad protection? Then removing it is definitely your best option (it’s just sad, because it is lovely!).

Only For Big Dogs

This shouldn’t be a surprise given that it’s from Ray Allen, but this kind of caters for a malinois at smallest, so if your dog is smaller than that? This one might not be for you. These harnesses are suited for 26 inch chests at smallest, and 47 inches at largest – which is wonderful size variance!

Quite heavy

This is a weird one, especially given that it’s for big dogs, and it’s likely not going to make a big difference when you’re talking about dogs who are 75lbs (35kg) and over, but it’s still worth noting, this harness is heavy for what it is.

But I am still researching this. Just need to find the right person to discuss it with.

Verdict: The Ray Allen Multi-Function Harness

Do I recommend it?

Yes! It’s a really wonderful, strong harness that works really well for big dogs. It’s an upgrade from the average harness when it comes to big dogs, and if you have a water dog that upgrade will probably be worth it — but it does come with a slight price upgrade too.

For me, it’s a wonderful harness, it’s only real drawback is that it doesn’t come in smaller sizes, as I’m sure there are plenty of smaller dogs who’d love this harness!

If you think that the Ray Allen Multi-function harness is the right harness for your dog, then head over and buy it from them! They’re awesome people, honestly, and you won’t be disappointed.

Author, Ali Smith

Ali Smith is the Positive Puppy Expert, dog trainer and is the founder of Rebarkable. She is passionate about helping puppy parents get things right, right from the start. To help create a puppy capable of being a confident and adaptable family member and keep puppies out of shelters.

Ali has won multiple awards for her dog training, and has had her blog (this blog!) rated as 2021 & 2022 worlds’ best pet blog!

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