Stolen Yorkie Returns 11 Years Later, Just In Time To Comfort Family

A Yorkie puppy named Rex joined his family while they experienced a devastating loss, and after 11 years missing, he returned during a similar tragedy. It may just be a coincidence, but Marzena Niejadlik believes it’s fate.

A lot has changed in 11 years, but the family is happy to welcome Rex back. He was in rough shape when officials found him, so Niejadlik is determined to give him the loving home he missed out on all these years. His return is proof that miracles do happen!

Woman gets Yorkie back

11 Years Apart

Niejadlik brought Rex home in 2011, shortly after her younger brother died unexpectedly. She thought the Yorkie puppy would be great at comforting her family during a difficult time. However, the family ended up facing more heartbreak when the Yorkie slipped out the door as someone was leaving.

Then, a witness saw someone pull over and take the Yorkie. That was the last time the family saw the dog for 11 years. They tried everything they could to locate him, but every year, they lost a little more faith.

Woman with Yorkie puppy

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Yet, the animal control of Stoughton, Massachusetts recently came across a stray Yorkie who didn’t look well cared for. Animal Control Officer (ACO) Michelle Carlos bathed him and offered water to him. Then, she checked him for a microchip, which connected animal control with Niejadlik.

“We were really hoping one day it would happen, and finally it did. We had to wait a lot, but it’s amazing,” Niejadlik said.

Woman reunites with her Yorkie

Making up for Lost Time

When Niejadlik first received the call about Rex, she couldn’t believe it. Rex was missing for so long that her children hadn’t even been alive to meet him. But what’s even more unusual is that they found him only two months after Niejadlik’s other brother died, so the family needed the pup’s comfort once again. Niejadlik calls it a miracle.

“Oh my gosh, you know, we got him after the first tragedy, and now he’s back after a second one to help us deal with this loss, so that’s how it feels,” said Niejadlik.

Senior Yorkie returns home

She treated Rex to a “day of beauty” and introduced him to the kids. It may take a while for Rex to get used to his home again, but now, he’ll never have to feel neglected again.

ACO Carlos reminds dog parents to microchip their pets. Microchips are the reason lost pets like Rex return home after so many years. Without this technology, Rex might’ve never found his family again.

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