‘Traumatized’ Husky Gets Second Chance In Life When ‘Her Person’ Walked-In

Meet Lilac. She spent her life on the street and was frequently seen walking past an elementary school. When Hope For Paws helped rescue her, they witnessed first-hand how frightened she was. As they lowered food to entice her in and then capture her, she fought fiercely. Lilac had no clue that these humans were there to help her. It was clear that she was bearing a great deal of suffering on her shoulders.


Image/Story Source Credit: TheDodo/HopeForPaws – YouTube Video



Lilac was not mean nor aggressive. She didn’t growl or flash her teeth. However, as she was put in a kennel and then transferred to the rescue center, you could see that she had completely shut down. The Hope For Paws team gave Lilac a bath and then she decided to face the corner, wriggling and balling up her body to avoid looking at anyone. She was absolutely terrified. But no one was giving up on such a kind girl. They knew that with time and care, Lilac would overcome nearly any challenge.


Months of care and good routine help Lilac learn about human interaction. She becomes attached to the dogs she lives with in foster care. Her development astonishes even those who know what dogs are capable of. Then, Tanja, a possible adopter, contacted the rescue group. She wanted to add a new dog to her family. The foster informed Lilac that she was being sought after by Tanja, but of course, no one knew how things would go when they met for the first time.



Image/Story Source Credit: TheDodo/HopeForPaws – YouTube Video



Lilac needed someone to come and meet Tanja. The lady’s pleasant demeanour as she walked by, then knelt down, was exactly what Lilac needed. Lilac approached Tanja all on her own. She then placed her tiny nose on her arm, as if to say: “You seem like a kind person.” This may not appear to be much, but it was! Lilac had never physically touched anyone before. There was no one else in the world for her than this woman who came into view. It’s possible that this video might help you understand how important that first touch is when determining whether or not someone is your human connection… And yet here we are with new pet parents learning about the importance of establishing trust.



Image/Story Source Credit: TheDodo/HopeForPaws – YouTube Video


Guess what? Lilac was now going to be adopted and finally have a new forever home! We don’t want to give the full story away so you’re going to LOVE the video below! It’ll absolutely warm your heart and reminds us that rescuing is so important and a message that needs to be shared!


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